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The Pennsylvania Bankers Public Affairs Committee (PaBPAC) was created in 1974 to assist individual bankers and others in organizing for more effective political action, raising funds for this action, and making contributions to political candidates who support banking ideals. Today, PaBPAC still honors this primary purpose by supporting the election campaigns of selected candidates for Pennsylvania Legislature and U.S. Congress in the best interest of our members and the banking industry. Click the image below for the 2024 PaBPAC Brochure.

PaBPAC Federal*

PaBPAC Federal is a political action committee through which contributions are raised to support the U.S. Congress. PaBPAC Federal is affiliated with the American Bankers Association’s BankPAC. This affiliation requires the committee to share a single limit on contributions made to federal candidates and other political committees. Nothing on this website constitutes a solicitation of contributions to PaBPAC Federal. Contributions to PaBPAC Federal must be pre-authorized by your financial institution’s CEO.

PaBPAC State*

PaBPAC State is a separate political action committee through which contributions are raised to support selected candidates for the Pennsylvania Legislature.

* Both PaBPAC State and PaBPAC Federal are governed by the PaBPAC Board of Directors and comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing political action committees. Campaign expense reports are filed with the PA Department of State’s Bureau of Elections for PaBPAC State and with the Federal Election Commission for PaBPAC Federal.

Help the Pennsylvania Bankers Public Affairs Committee support those candidates and elected officials who understand and believe in strong banking ideals. Your contribution to PaBPAC will help ensure our grassroots teams are able to establish relationships with legislators on all levels of government to continue moving the banking industry forward.
  • Check Payment Contributions: Campaign contributions by check require a completed Contribution Form with your check.
  • Credit Card Contributions: You must sign in and use a personal credit card to donate. You may only do one online contribution per calendar year. Click here for instructions on how to contribute via credit card.

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Does any part of my contribution go toward the administration of PaBPAC?
No. Every single dollar contributed to PaBPAC goes directly to candidates -- not one penny is used to pay administrative expenses.

Who does PaBPAC support?
Pro-banking, pro-business candidates for the PA General Assembly and statewide office receive PaBPAC support. PA Bankers' government relations staff and the PaBPAC Board of Directors carefully consider the support of incumbent legislators and seek input from local bankers regarding candidates running in open seats. We look beyond party lines and truly support those who make a difference in our industry.

Does PaBPAC support federal candidates?
PaBPAC is associated with the American Bankers Association BankPAC. It is through BankPAC that PaBPAC is able to support federal candidates who are supportive of the banking industry.

Why should I contribute?
It is important for all bankers to become actively involved! Banking legislation impacts all bankers, and contributing to PaBPAC is just one way to make your voice heard. Even $5 or $10 from you helps to ensure that pro-banking candidates are supported financially.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. Due to PCI Compliance, PaBPAC no longer accepts credit card payments via mail using the paper contribution form. Campaign contributions using credit cards are only accepted online.

Where do I mail my check? 
You can mail your check to: PaBPAC, 3897 N. Front St., Harrisburg, PA 17110.