Bank Health Care Consortium of PA

The Bank Heath Care Consortium of PA is a unique health care alternative for Pennsylvania-based financial institutions and Affiliate Members of the PA Bankers Association. Since its launch in July 2007, the PA Bankers Services Corporation, Webber Advisors and The Benecon Group, Inc. have collaborated to provide every consortium member with leverage and benefits of economies of scale, plan design flexibility and significant cost control strategies for their group health plan.

The value of the program is based upon the collective efforts of the entire consortium. Every additional member reinforces the alliance and the ability to control your own destiny. In addition, as health care reform legislation continues, a self-funded program will aid every organization in positioning themselves to better control long-term costs. Participants not only have the ability to change the game but be part of the solution!

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Which Insurance Companies are Included?

Benefits of the program include:

  • Ability to credit surplus premiums toward future health care costs
  • Ability to leverage group purchasing power
  • All costs associated with the program are fully disclosed and shared by all participants, including administrative and legal expenses
  • Custom selection of plan design and carrier by organization
  • Discounts for packaging of life, short- and long-term disability insurance, and voluntary worksite products
  • Economies of scale premium pricing
  • Exceptional customer service and support to the bank and its employees
  • Financial institutions are provided ownership and serve on the consortium board
  • Monthly monitoring of plan performance and cost of benefit
  • Multiple healthcare options including medical and prescription plans, as well as vision and dental program
  • Protection from excessive costs in years when high/shock medical claims are experienced
  • Reduced premium taxes
  • Reduced renewal rates controlled by actuaries that work for you
  • Wellness and disease management programs to reduce claims and control costs

Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
(717) 255-6925