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BankTalentHQ is designed as a talent management resource for the financial industry and is brought to you by the PA Bankers Services Corporation in partnership with other state banking associations across the country. BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for financial industry careers, and we know finding and keeping top talent is high on the list of the many challenges banks face.

Whether you are looking for a job with a financial institution, a service provider or a regulator, or you are an employer with a position to fill, BankTalentHQ is here to help you find what you need.

The website is a full career center with many desirable resources - one of which is a financial industry job board, which will allow you to post job openings for your institution with the ability to purchase a single 30-day post or a discounted posting package to fill multiple vacancies. It will also allow internships to be posted at a discounted rate.

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PA Bankers Services Corporation is sponsoring a Micro-Internship program on behalf of its members – don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this limited time offer! Through this effort, you or your colleagues can get on-demand help from highly motivated college students on short-term projects such as:
Research on local companies that recently announced growth efforts or new funding that could be prospective clients;
Drafting articles or other content that can be shared with your current or perspective clients;
Using creative tools to identify candidates for open roles; and
Support with data cleansing or other analyses.
While these 10–40-hour projects may not be the best use of time for you or your colleagues, college students and recent grads are excited to exceed your expectations as they demonstrate their skills, learn about your organization, and prepare to launch their careers.
The Services Corp. has made it easy for you to leverage this resource. Beyond sponsoring your first Micro-Internship, this program:
Takes less than five minutes in total, as the goal is to support your work, not add to it; 
Requires no HR onboarding or other burdens, as the micro-interns are not your employees, contractors, interns, etc.;
Makes it easy to post opportunities, with some of the most common projects ready to go (; 
Provides a way to identify and engage potential candidates from all backgrounds should you have full-time or other roles in the future; and
Supports the community, providing valuable opportunities to college students and recent graduates.
While it’s easy to get started, you can learn more here or email with any questions.