Our seminars offer just-in-time learning and are delivered in a classroom setting by industry experts, academics, consultants and banking professionals. These programs are focused around the primary areas of banking: compliance, lending, ALM, HR, risk and finance, to name a few. These programs are offered on an as-needed basis and change frequently. If you would like to speak to someone about our seminars, please contact Jackie Catalano, Vice President, Professional Development.

Director-Focused Programming

Additionally, we offer two director-focused events each year: Directors Institute and FDIC Directors College. 

The Directors Institute, offered in collaboration with PA Bankers and Bybel Rutledge LLP, includes strategically selected educational programs for your entire board and key committees. undefined

The FDIC Directors College, offered by PA Bankers in coordination with the FDIC, is an interactive, one-day program designed for bank directors that provides ongoing education on current topics and various elements of bank supervision. 

Information for these programs will be available in the calendar as they occur.