Take Action

One of the most effective tools in a government relations strategy is an active grassroots network. Your involvement is a key component of ensuring that the financial industry is heard in the PA State legislature.

How Can I Take Action?

  • Send an email to your elected official on a special issue.
  • Call your representative and senator to tell him/her your position on upcoming pieces of legislation.
  • Host a bank visit.
  • Host a community banking event.
  • Become a contact banker.

Calls To Action

What happens in Washington impacts every consumer and business throughout the nation. Make your voice heard and tell your federal lawmakers how their decisions will affect you and your community by taking action. Click here to see the current calls to action.

Contact Bankers

PA Bankers is Pennsylvania’s banking industry’s voice for representation within state and federal government agencies and the legislature. Banking faces more regulation, legislation and competition than most other industries. The association and its members work together to stay keenly aware of regulatory changes and potential legislative impacts to the industry and to actively work to influence positive economic and business outcomes.

You Can Be Involved!
The Contact Banker Program is an organized effort to allow local bankers to personally present the banking industry's views on issues to their legislators. Contact Bankers are bankers who volunteer to develop and maintain close contacts with their elected officials.

State Contact Bankers Program
Becoming a State Contact Bankers allows you to develop and/or maintain an ongoing relationship with your elected official. Your investment in that relationship assists in validating the voices of other bankers across the state and creates an open line of communication with your legislator regarding crucial banking issues that are considered in the General Assembly. Click here for more information on becoming a State Contact Banker.

Direct Contact Bankers Program
Participating in the Direct Contact Bankers program is one of the most important investments you can make in your bank’s future and the future of the banking industry. Direct Contact Bankers are typically CEOs or senior bank executives who often have existing relationships with members of Congress or are willing to build those relationships.

ABA's Get Out the Vote Website

PA Bankers and the American Bankers Association just launched a new website, aimed at giving you the information you need to vote, including:

  • Key dates;
  • Candidates who will be on YOUR ballot; and 
  • Banking issues you may want to consider. 

Don't forget: your voice counts! Mail in your ballot or find your polling place to vote.

Louise Rynd
General Counsel
(717) 255-6935