Workforce Development

In order to remain competitive, the banking industry must recruit the most talented, diverse and inclusive workforce across all levels of the bank. To assist in this effort, PA Bankers actively participates in three programs to recruit the next generation of bankers and support the industry: BankWork$, Next Generation Bankers Academy and CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition.



Working in communities of need and with students who typically would not be considered qualified candidates for banking/financial services positions, BankWork$ offers opportunities to succeed in well-paying jobs that can lead to a lasting career in the banking industry. Each eight-week class is designed to train entry-level bank tellers, customer service representatives and personal banker candidates and ultimately provide and connect those candidates to local banks and financial institutions.

Click here to view a BankWork$ success story.

CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition

The Conference of State Banking Supervisors (CSBS) Community Bank Case Study Competition is a national program that pairs undergraduate college/university student teams with local community banks to conduct original case studies. Through this case study, students will engage in an experiential learning opportunity that will allow them to network with local banks, CSBS staff and academics. Click here to learn more information.

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