Advanced School of Banking

 Join us for the Advanced School of Banking, a three-year program analogous to 200-, 300- and 400-level college course study. A variety of learning techniques - including lectures, small group teamwork, computer simulations, online learning, case studies, peer presentations, independent study and home extension problems (HEP) - will be used, providing you with a full curriculum to help you enhance your skills and prepare for leadership within all levels of your institution.

This program has been approved for the following: Year I - 36.5 CPE credits, Year II - 36.5 CPE credits and Year III - 37 CPE credits.

How Will This School Prepare Students for Their Banking Futures?

Graduates will be well prepared to utilize new financial services knowledge and skills. The application of these skills and knowledge will be important in assisting students in moving to the next level of their careers, while paving the road for them to become leaders at any level within their organization. Students will graduate having a greater understanding of the multiple banking disciplines and how those disciplines work together within the bank.

Who Should Attend?

Banking professionals looking to continue their educational experience, in addition to those preparing to lead at all levels within their organization, will want to enroll in this program. 
Suggested Attendees:
  • Banking professionals seeking to increase their knowledge, skill, and personal and professional growth
  • Mid-level management from all disciplines
  • Supervisory staff
  • Graduates of any PA Bankers School
  • Individuals entering banking from outside of the industry motivated to expand their banking knowledge and skill


  • Marketing and sales experience is helpful
  • Five years of banking experience
  • Year III students are asked to attend an ALCO meeting at their bank prior to the beginning of School
Strongly Suggested Prerequisites:
  • Attendance at the PA Bankers School of Banking
  • Completion of ABA’s Principles of Banking or Banking Fundamentals, Economics for Bankers or Money & Banking

ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking

Graduates of the PA Bankers Advanced School of Banking are eligible to apply for ABA Stonier's Accelerated two-year program. Eligibility applies to graduates of the PA Bankers Advanced School of Banking since 2010.

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July 23-28, 2023
Penn Stater Conference Center
State College, Pa.

Members: $3,500
Affiliate Members: $4,000
Non-Members: $5,250

Jackie Catalano
Vice President, Professional Development
(717) 255-6939