School of Banking

The Foundation on Which Successful Banking Careers Are Built

Ideal for bankers beginning their careers, the School of Banking is similar to 100-level college course study and examines the four primary areas of banking: leadership, sales and marketing, bank environment and finance.

This program has been approved for 35 CPE credits. Additionally, American Bankers Association (ABA) Professional Certifications has approved this program for 10.75 CERP, 7.5 CRCM, 5.75 CFMP, 2.5 CAFP and 1.25 CTFA credits. 

How Will This School Prepare Students for Their Banking Futures?

Upon completion of the PA Bankers School of Banking, students will:
Possess a broad understanding of their institution and the banking industry, due to the wide range of topics on the curriculum*;
Gain fundamental skills designed to make them more effective in their daily responsibilities and decision-making; and
Be prepared to further their education through learning opportunities, such as the PA Bankers Advanced School of Banking.

*While you may feel that some areas in the curriculum may not be relevant to your current position, please note that they will help you to understand the entire workings of your institution. 

Who Should Attend?

Bankers beginning their careers
Those looking to “take the next step” in advancing their careers 
Skilled professionals who are new to the banking industry


High school diploma
A minimum of two years of banking experience or a college degree and one year of banking experience

Suggested Prerequisites from ABA Training: 
Analyzing Financial Statements
Banking Fundamentals
Banking Basics
Money & Banking 
Legal Foundations in Banking

What Can I Expect?

1. Attend the PA Bankers School of Banking to network with other industry professionals and learn foundational banking skills from industry experts.
2. Take the post-school online exam within two weeks of completing the school to receive a certificate of completion.
3. Receive top exam scores to be designated as an honor student.

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June 11 - 15, 2023
Penn Stater Conference Center
State College, Pa.

Member: $3,000
Affiliate Members: $3,500
Non-Member: $4,500

Jackie Catalano
Vice President, Professional Development
(717) 255-6939