School of Commercial Lending

Ideal for individuals looking to attain well-rounded businesses development and/or commercial lending skills, the School of Commercial Lending allows students to dive into business development, credit structuring, the practical application of commercial lending knowledge, and client and internal communication. This school’s curriculum is similar to 200- and 300-level college course study.

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How Will This School Prepare Students for Their Banking Futures?

Upon completion of the PA Bankers School of Commercial Lending, students will have a broad-based understanding of their role as commercial lenders and be more effective at business development. The school is a stepping-stone to achieving senior lender status.

Who Should Attend?

The school is designed for individuals looking to attain a well-rounded business development and commercial lending skill set.

Suggested Attendees Include:

Commercial lenders wanting to expand their knowledge and skill sets
Branch managers required to be skilled in commercial lending
Credit analysts who need to understand the practical application of lending skills


High school diploma
Two or more years of commercial lending and/or credit analysis experience

Suggested Prerequisites:

Completion of the following:
The American Bankers Association’s General Accounting Program
PA Bankers’ Analyzing Personal Financial Statements & Tax Returns Seminar
PA Bankers’ Essentials of Commercial Lending Seminar, Money & Banking and Legal Foundations in Banking.

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Marilyn Wisniewski
Director, Residential Schools and Meeting Operations
(717) 255-6934

June 13 - 17, 2021
Penn Stater Conference Center
State College, Pa.